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Radboud University (RBU)


Situated in the oldest city of the Netherlands, Radboud University Nijmegen has seven faculties and enrolls over 19.000 students. The Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) counts about 300 scientists working in 20 closely cooperating departments. IMM is member of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) for Raw Materials. The IMM department of Applied Materials Science (AMS) has 15 members conducting research on the design, deposition, processing and analysis of III-V compound semiconductor solar cells and their application in concentrator and spacecraft systems. The worldwide leading position of the group in the photovoltaic area is evidenced by three officially acknowledged record efficiencies for various types of single junction cells.

Role in the project

Radboud University will lead WP5 in which it will be responsible for the development of the thin-film structures via the ELO technology and solar cell processing and for the device analyses task under WP5. These activities will take place at the AMS department and more specifically includes the manufacturing and testing of planar thin-film QD cells as well as regular thin-film and wafer based QD reference cells. In addition RBU will provide thin-film QD cell structures for nanostructured processing and analyses at TUT. RBU will also provide input for the up-scaling to 4 inch manufacturing by tf2 devices.  

Contact person

dr. John Schermer