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WP1 – Coordination and Project Management

WP1 deals with the overall project management of the project with the goal of ensuring the accomplishment of the project objectives on time, under budget and at the highest quality, and the maximization of the impact of the results. Specific objectives are: define an effective and timely decision-making process for smooth running of project coordination; …

WP2 – Design

WP2  will provide the design guidelines for the optimization of photonically enhanced thin-film solar cells.  To this aim, a full physics-based simulator, coupling  the optical and electrical models of the device, will be developed.  Specific objectives are: electrical models and simulations of solar cells; optical models and simulations of nanophotonic structures and light-trapping mechanism; self-consistent …

WP3 – Active Material Growth

WP3 –is dedicated to the growth and optimization of the quantum-dot epilayer structures that will be exploited in WP5 for the fabrication of the thin-film QD solar cell. For the sake of carrying out at an early stage of the project both QD material optimization and a preliminary assessment of their temperature behavior, in the …

WP4 – Photonic Nanostructures

WP4 is dedicated to the fabrication and characterization of the photonic nanostructures that will be exploited in WP4 for the fabrication of the thin-film QD solar cell. The main objective is Development of nanopatterned photonic structures and related surface passivation process to be exploited in the fabrication of the fully nanostructured ELO thin-film cell in …

WP5 – Process and Device Development

WP5  is aimed at fabricating enhanced efficiency thin-film solar cells, leveraging on light-trapping enhancement of quantum dots harvesting and photon recycling.  The main objectives are: demonstration of fully processed photon-recycling enhanced thin-film cell on foreign carrier with optimized rear reflector; demonstration of fully processed light-trapping enhanced nanostructured thin-film QD solar cell.  

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WP6 – Space Qualfication Test and Process Industrialization Prospects

WP6  aims at testing the devices in view of space qualification; the objectives are: demonstrating the novel thin-film device up to TRL 4; identifying possible show-stoppers towards demonstration at TRL 5; assessing the novel thin-film device in terms of potential for reliability, yield and up-scaling.

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WP7 – Dissemination and Exploitation

 The goal of WP7 is to ensure that the consortium undertakes all the measures needed to maximize the impact of the project results during and beyond the project life.  The specific objectives are: Managing intellectual property; Elaborating and updating the exploitation plans; Creating awareness of the project results and developments in the identified stakeholders.