Technical Workshop on Space Solar Cells


The purpose of the workshop, organized by the TFQD consortium with the support of REA, is to present the results of recently completed and on-going projects funded under the H2020 COMPET and TEC calls from 2015, 2017 and 2018. It will bring together European experts, researchers, and policy makers to share emerging trends in space photovoltaics from a system-level  down to a device-level perspective.


November 22nd

9h00 – 09h20
Registration at REA entrance and welcome coffee

9h20 – 09h30
Welcome words from REA and TFQD coordinator

9h30 – 09h55
Introduction to TFQD – Epitaxial Lift-Off of MBE grown III-V structures
Günther Bissels, tf2 devices

9h55 – 10h20
Introduction to SiLaSpaCe – Surface passivation and new back-side concepts of lowly doped Ge substrate for multi-junction space solar cells
Charlotte Weiss, Fraunhofer ISE

10h20 – 10h35
Lowly doped, high quality Ge wafers
Rufi Kurstjens, Umicore

10h35 – 11h05
Coffee break

11h05 – 11h20
Approaches for industrial manufacturing of multi-Junction space solar cells with rear side passivation
Victor Khorenko, Azur Space

11h20 – 11h40
Simulation and characterisation of multi-junction space solar cells with passivated Ge substrates
Charlotte Weiss, Fraunhofer ISE

11h40 – 12h05
Modeling and simulation of quantum dot solar cells
Farid Elsehrawy, Politecnico di Torino

12h05 – 12h30
Photonic Gratings for light trapping in III-V solar cells
Timo Aho, Tampere University of Technology

12h30 – 14h00

14h00 – 14h25
Design approaches to high efficiency single junction GaAs solar cells for space application
Natasha Gruginskie, Radboud University

14h25 – 14h50
Accelerated aging and characterisation of multi-junction space solar cells with passivated Ge substrate
Bruno Boizot, CEA

14h50 – 15h15
MBE-grown radiation resistant high-Voc InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells
Antti Tukiainen, Tampere University of Technology

15h15 – 15h45
Coffee break

15h45 – 16h10
New concepts: band offset carrier selective barriers for three terminal solar cells
James Connolly, Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île de France (IPVF)

16h10 – 16h35
Progress in developing GaInNAsSb-based lattice-matched multi-junction solar cells
Mircea Guina, Tampere University of Technology

16h35 – 18h00
Sub-groups discussion for preparation of round table with EC

End of Day 1

November 23rd

08h30 – 09h00
Welcome coffee

09h00 – 09h30
ESA Activities

09h30 – 09h55
Overview of SiLaSpaCe project
Charlotte Weiss, Fraunhofer ISE

09h55 – 10h20
Overview of TFQD project
Federica Cappelluti, Politecnico di Torino

10h20 – 10h50
Coffee break

10h50 – 11h15
RadHard: technology approach towards affordable ultra-radiation hard space solar cells
Victor Khorenko, Azur Space

11h15 – 11h40
ALFAMA: Advanced Lightweight and Flexible Solar Arrays for Space Applications
Oumaima Mhibik, Airbus Defence and Space
Romain Cariou, CEA

11h40 – 12h05
New space market stakes: impact on future solar array and PV product
Mikael Thibaudeau, Thales Alenia Space France

12h05 – 12h30
An overview of space and near space photovoltaic activities within Airbus
Claus Zimmermann, Airbus DS

12h30 – 14h30

14h30 – 15h00
Presentation of Horizon Europe
Rémy Denos, REA

15h00 – 17h00
Round table with DG GROW

End of workshop



The workshop will be held at the Research Executive Agency, Place Rogier 16, 1049 Brussels, Belgium.
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Social Dinner

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