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TUT_logoThe Optoelectronics Research Centre of Tampere University of Technology ( is the leading nanophotonics and optoelectronics research centre in Finland. Detailed information concerning research portfolio and technologies related to this project are available at The most recent research areas are concerned with development of dilute nitride compounds for high-power vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers and high-efficiency III-V multi-junction solar cells. Investments in scientific equipment is over 24 million €, which makes ORC one of the best-equipped academic research units in Finland. With 5 MBE reactors and complete optoelectronic device processing and characterization facilities, ORC is the largest university-based research centre in Europe in the MBE crystal growth technique. Research activity is progressing at an exceptionally high level, with more than 30 research projects ongoing. ORC has been exceptionally successfully in transferring its technology to industry; has been the cradle for 6 spin-off companies and is currently pursuing several activities with high potential for commercialization.

Role in the project

TUT Finland – ORC’s expertise that will be brought to the project concern modelling, fabrication, and characterization of nanostructured photonic surface patterns on ELO type QD solar cells for achieving efficient light-trapping and photon-recycling. In particular, nanoimprint lithography (NIL) will be used for the realization of well-controlled nanostructures for antireflection coatings and gratings. NIL has been demonstrated to be one of the most promising techniques for producing dense periodic nanostructures on large areas at low cost.

Contact Person

Prof. Mircea Guina