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TF2 DEVICES B.V. (tf2)


tf2 devices B.V. is a joint venture company established in December 2009 between Radboud University and Circadian Solar Ltd to develop and commercialise the patented Epitaxial Lift‐Off (ELO) technology that originated in the group of Dr. John Schermer of Radboud University. tf2 has exclusive rights for commercialisation of the Intellectual Property associated with the ELO process. At present tf2 operates within the Institute for Molecules and Materials of Radboud University, supported by semiconductor and applications expertise from Radboud University. This allows for a mutually beneficial quick exchange of information.

tf2 has demonstrated:

  • High quality lift‐off of single cell and tandem cells from 4‐inch GaAs wafers;
  • Lift‐off of inverted III‐V cell structures, with and without integral metal layers (for efficient electrical and thermal conductivity);
  • Laboratory‐based research equipment for lift-off of novel epi-structures from ≤ 4‐inch wafers;
  • Fully automated production equipment for reproducible lift‐off of principal epi-structures from ≤ 4‐inch wafers;
  • Production of arrays of 25 mm2 thin‐film solar cells from 4‐inch wafers, with yields approaching 100 % and similar performances as comparable wafer based solar cells;
  • Production of large area thin‐film solar cells from 4‐inch wafers;
  • High quality lift-off of solar cell structures from 4‐inch Ge wafers.
  • Ultra‐thin 4” film solar cells as routinely lifted‐off and processed by tf2. Displayed are an array of small cells on a flexible carrier (left) and large area cells mounted on a rigid carrier (right).

Role in the project

The role of tf2 in the project will be to scale up the size of the thin-films using the ELO technology and associated thin-film device processing, to demonstrate the reproducibility of the process and to determine the device yield. Based on the results an assessment will be made whether industrialisation is justified. In WP7 tf2 will lead  the tasks dedicated to IPR and knowledge management and to the exploitation in terrestrial applications, in photovoltaics concentrator mainly.

Contact Person

Dr. Günther Bissels